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Worx America develops automated engineering solutions for industrial, environmental and energy industries. Worx diversified technology platform provides production enhancement solutions to assist energy exploration companies in the development of oil and gas production.  Worx’s innovative automated solutions help to increase oil and gas identification and production to meet increasing energy demands worldwide.

The Worx management team has extensive expertise in developing mechanical designs, spraying technologies, down-hole imaging and motion control automated hydraulic systems.  With unmatched level of experience, sophistication and creative design solutions in the field of oil and gas production and recovery, Worx America is strategically positioned to capitalize on the booming energy market.

Through its partnership with RSSV, Worx has the opportunity to offer its effective technology solutions to China’s booming oil and gas market. This partnership allows Worx to gain immediate market share in China and increase awareness of Worx’s technologies.

The Market

China’s rapidly expanding mainland oil refining industries are under government mandated environmental pressures. This is forcing oil refineries to modernize, clean up and extract more output or face closure.  With China set to become a net oil exporter in 2015, the oil processing and refinery market will have to grow in order to match exportation goals. RSSV has the technologies and partnerships to help meet this demand and secure greater market share.

China’s oil consumption will continue to grow in order to keep up with its industrialization initiatives. Supplying oil to a country of over 3 Billion people requires major investments in refinery and processing facilities. With China’s oil demand set to grow 3 percent year-on-year to 534 million metric tons in 2015, the demand for RSSV technologies will increase as well.



WorxJet Patented Robotic Cleaning System

Worx Machine



Why is Worx America on track to become a world leader in providing the most effective industrial and sanitary cleaning solutions?


Before designing your cleaning system, our team of experts will perform a complete site survey and analysis to determine your exact cleaning needs. Our goals will be to develop a system that will achieve the highest level of cleanliness, and increase productivity in your workplace with equipment that is durable, dependable and user friendly.


WorxJet systems are designed to be low maintenance and simple to deploy and repair on premise. We provide training for on-premise repair, resulting in saving time and increase productivity. Further, our leasing clients can simply swap their systems (monthly, quarterly or annually) with our replacement systems from our robotic warehouse instead of performing maintenance.

If it becomes necessary, Worx America provides unparalleled technical support.


WorxJet systems are manufactured using corrosion resistant metals such as stainless steel and titanium to ensure ruggedness and durability.
Our systems are green and designed to save money on operating costs, including water consumption, energy and chemical use.

If cleaning time or cleaning effectiveness is important to you, we are the solution for you


• Safe operation through elimination or reduction of confined space entry
• Cleaning power superior to antiquated impingement cleaning systems
• Faster cleaning time
• Savings in water, chemicals and energy
• Low maintenance costs
• Improved sanitation – helps prevent bacterial infection in food related containers, vessels and tanks
• Reaches hard to clean areas
• Reduces plant downtime and increases efficiency

WorxJet Software Platform


The unique copyrighted software guidance platform was developed by former space program scientists and engineers. The software shortens your programming time to a matter of minutes and achieves consistent results with each cleaning experience.

• Need to add more impact force or cleaning power per square inch?
• Do you have a particular area of your tank that needs more cleaning than others, such as sumps, heating coils, or other obstructions?
• Would you like to limit your water use to a specific number of gallons?

These and other functions can be programmed into your existing system reliably and quickly. Once programmed, it stays in the system for as long as you like. Our systems can store up to 500 unique programs. No need to learn the programming methods or software. All of your programming will be done by Worx America engineers. Not ready to purchase? WorxJet is available to lease. Worx America will be happy to come to your site to evaluate your needs and pose the best options for your application.

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