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RSSV is a strategic acquisition and development holding company with a global focus. RSSV builds its asset base through targeted acquisitions of both operational companies and innovative technologies. If we acquire a company, we seek to expand its operations through investment capital and business model refinement. If we acquire a unique and innovative technology or the rights to a technology, RSSV will market and distribute the technology into target market areas. RSSV’s goal is to maximize the growth and valuation of its assets, resulting in an increase in shareholder value.

RSSV’s acquisition requirements are not limited by industry, but rather by revenues, profitability and market potential. This criteria provides us the flexibility to source opportunities globally and through all industries. Successful acquisitions not only boosts RSSV’s total valuation, but opens opportunities to engage in joint-ventures with our asset portfolio. RSSV’s model provides us with virtually unlimited potential and opportunities for expansion, cooperation and growth.


Worx America

Worx America designs automated solutions for industrial, environmental and energy industries to improve efficiency and systems output. In January 2015, RSSV purchased a 20% equity stake in Worx America for a $2 Million USD investment.